How to Install Wampserver on Windows


Wampserver is a package of all 4 components

1 - Apache HTTP Server
2 - PHP Complier
3 - MySQL Server
4 - phpMyAdmin - An Interface for MySQL Sever

All 4 componenets is packed with Wampserver , while we Install this on Windows we are able to run PHP code or PHP Applications.

Now, let see how to Install Wampserver on Windows

Step 1 - Go to Website and download .exe file , make sure that you have download correct version of Wampserver according to 32bit or 64bit version.


Wamserver Install on Windows


Step 2 - After Downloading , run exe file and right click on it  and then run as Administrator. Follow the Step of Installation as state by setup file.

Step 3 - After Installation you will see the Icon on the Desktop Screen, if you not found Icon on Desktop Screen then find it on Start menu in Windows.

Step 4 - Start the Wampserver , after starting you will see Wampserver Icon in Tray Icon .

Step 5 - Now you See all option on Wampserver Menu.





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