How to show tinyMCE Content on Web Page from Database

Today we Learn how to show data from Database that is inserted via tinyMCE editor and show the saved content onto webpage. 

First we Insert Data into Database using TinyMCE Editor using PHP into MySQL Database. We need PHP Script used to insert data into database and then we fetch the data from database and display it onto webpage.


What is tinyMCE

tinyMCE is a WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) Editor through which we can insert/edit our data as we want to organise our data. In this editor will provide some tools to format our data like heading, paragraph, bold, tables, image insert, video insert etc. With this tool we easily format our data as i want on screen without HTMl coding. So, it is very easy to take care of our data as it looks attractive and well formated.